“(Un)seen Scultpures”

Earlier this year from February until April a mobile 3D augmented reality art show was staged at locations in Bermagui, Merimbula, Bega and Eden. Australian artists were involved as well as international artists visiting from USA, China and Germany. An augmented reality is a real-world environment where elements are augmented or supplemented by a computer generated sensory input. This can be sound, video, graphics or GPS data.

During “(Un)seen Sculptures” a virtual digital work was situated at each location. This appeared hidden from the naked eye but is made visible using an app called the Lavar Augmented Reality Browser on an iPhone or smartphone. The app can be downloaded for free and this allows the audience to interact with a work that previously remained invisible.

A workshop on augmented reality techniques was also held and from this 2 more artworks were created and presented by a local artist.